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by drive123 on June 30, 2010

Bella Swan is reunited with the love of her lifetime (and creature of the night), A vampire named edward. Her lifetime has returned towards the way it was before the Cullens remaining, except for 1 main point. Before Edward cullen left, Bella hadn’t considered Edwards friend jacob (werewolf) the woman’s companion, and she is in vain attempting to make Edward cullen as well as Jacob black make serenity and be friends. She’s split between the actual love she feels for Edward and also the strong companionship among the woman’s as well as Jacob. Can she make them see reason, and can these people be good to each other to maintain from harming Bella swan? There are new hazards hiding round the edges; Seattle is stalked through mass murderers beyond humanity. Who’s behind this, as well as what connection is there along with Bella swan?

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